2019-2022 Chevy Blazer 
DRL Upgrade Adapters

Eliminate the "DIM" of the DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) when the headlights are on!

No Warranty Concerns!

While any modification to your vehicle is at your own risk, the function of these adapters pose no risk to your warranty.  The simple design utilizes the factory wiring and can be removed to restore original function.

Installation is incredibly easy, as simple as opening your hood and plugging the adapters in!  

Complete plug and play functionality!

Click here for the Installation Guide

DRL Upgrade Adapter 

  • These will pose no threat to your warranty because they do not change anything more than what they do already in the daytime.
  • They will NOT burn out your DRLs faster. It is the same as if you only drove your car during the day. 
  • They will also NOT blind oncoming drivers, they are not the same as high beams as they have no lenses and therefore lack the projection of typical headlights.

A Simple Cost-Effective Solution for your 2019-2022 Chevy Blazer

One of the major complaints of the new Blazer is the poor headlights. Unfortunately it's difficult or not even possible with some models to upgrade them. To help combat this issue, I've figured out a way to keep the DRL from dimming when the headlights are on. 

By default, the DRL strips will "DIM" when the headlights are active. Keeping them at the brighter level at night surprisingly adds quite a bit of light, almost as if equipped with fog lights!

Unfortunately these to NOT work with 2023 and newer Blazer models due to the redesign of the DRL lights.

There are 2 different versions of these adapters to accomodate different tastes:

Version 1 (most popular) whenever the DRLs are on, so are the side markers and tail lights. Normally this is only the case when the headlights are on. Also remember the DRL lights do not come on in the daytime unless the car is in drive or neutral. This makes more sense since the more lights, the more visible you are to other drivers, and I personally think the better it looks.

Version 2, it retains the same as factory configuration where the side markers and tail lights only come on with the headlights.

Both of these versions prevent the dimming of the DRL lights when the headlights come on.

Not only is the visibility improved, but the look of your Blazer is greatly enhanced!

Make your Blazer shine at night!

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